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Life Coaching

My Life Coaching work is about living life with more joy.  It is not therapy, counseling or consulting. All of us experience difficult times, loss and pain. We often need support to move forward during these times.  The goal of my work with you is to provide the support, tools and techniques that will help you to navigate and experience your life with a focus on wholehearted living from the inside out.

Resilience is something we can learn and practice.  Courage, self-compassion and connections are all important parts of life that help us live with more joy and authenticity.

I will work with you to awaken the freedom and peace we all seek.

Together we will explore:

Setting Intentions


Responding vs. Reacting

Gratitude/Taking in the good

Letting go of patterns

Aversive Judgment

Mindfulness Meditation

 The Sacred Pause

 Self Compassion

Fear of Failure

Awakening through anger

Wise Intuition