Career Counseling, Life Coaching & Training

Are you unemployed and want to use this time as an opportunity to pursue employment in a field that is fulfilling and profitable?

Do you find your job does not fit your values and goals and want a career—not just a job?

Do you want to experience more joy in your life?

Do you know where to start?

Dena Lash, M. A. Counseling, has a passion for working with people, taking them through their job and career exploration. If life coaching is what you seek, Dena will introduce you to strategies and techniques that will help you deal with the challenges we all experience in life. She uses a REALISTIC, approach for both career and life coaching.

I have worked in the field of Employment and Training for over 20 years. As the former manager of Sonoma County Job Link, I was responsible for developing and implementing services for both individuals searching for a job and those individuals making career changes.
If you are unemployed, are looking to change careers, or need help finding the job that’s right for you contact Dena today for career counseling services in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. Her Job training, resume building, and career coaching will help you through your career change. Learn more about the Individual Career Counseling and Coaching services Dena offers.

Life Coaching is my life’s work. What I have come to understand through my own training and journey is that we can all experience more joy in our life. It is a process and a daily practice. If you want to experience more joy in your life and seek Life Coaching, contact Dena.

Dena Lash uses a REALISTIC approach for Career Counseling and job search.


Reach out to those you know and let them know you want to make a career change or you are in the job change mode.


Empower yourself by gaining knowledge about the job market and research your career opportunities


Assess all your work related skills and values


Listen to your own voice and do not let people “tell” you what you should be doing


Initiate meetings with prospective employers and conduct informational interviews to identify compatible values and work styles that work for you


Start where you are and proceed one step at a time


Time your job search by measuring your progress and setting realistic goals and time frames


Interview successfully by using specific techniques which give you an edge during the interview process


Clarify your goals and stay committed